AEC Education & Training was born from a calling to bridge communication between different worlds through the English language. Through the creation of opportunity for both teacher and student, we provide gold accredited TEFL certification for the true change-makers of the world. By facilitating the way to a fulfilling and meaningful English teaching role, we help you to make a transformative difference by creating opportunity for all.


We facilitate the next step in your career; one where you’re actively helping to create better opportunities for people from across the globe – all through the power of teaching and learning the global language, English. Through our accredited online teaching course, you will not just be a qualified English teacher able to work anywhere in the world (or in the comfort of your own home); you will be taking the next step towards a fulfilling, meaningful and transformative career that connects people with opportunities all through the English language.

Be the change you want to see, through a Globally Recognised Certification

Expand your horizons and open the door to better opportunities. A globally recognised TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification is your gateway to a new future as a qualified English teacher working anywhere in the world. You have the chance to create opportunities for all, through English.

A Better World, One Lesson At a Time

We have a deep motivation to ignite meaningful impact within people, and facilitate a way to not only progress your personal career journey, but to truly make a transformative different in other’s lives, no matter where they are in the world. After all, good communication makes for great connection, and great connection makes for a better world.


AEC Education & Training works with a team of professionals and consultants, who are committed to supplement your career in the scope of teaching English as a foreign language. We are fully equipped with the sources to teach you the fundamental of English language to help you land a high-paying job in a foreign country.

We offer a comprehensive set of training packages to select from. In addition, we also assist you to connect with ESL students online, and you can teach them the fundamentals of English language, and make a substantial amount of income.

Our teaching and training material are certified by excellent language experts and specialists. We guarantee to provide you with a credible and valuable certification at the end of the session.

At AEC Training & Education, you will come across quality learning modules and flexible training hours to help you excel at the certification course.


If you are looking forward to teach English language to non-native speakers then, you are required to have a TEFL certification to become eligible for the job. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is recommended to the native speaking English teachers, who are travelling abroad. It provides them with a source of income in a foreign country, and they can teach the universal language to the non-native speakers

AEC Training Education offers comprehensive training in TEFL, and by choosing us, you will be qualified for:

Teaching Jobs

The minimum requirements for teaching English language require a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification.

Learn skills to teach abroad

A TEFL certification teaches you a broad scope of skills and lessons. It helps you in preparing lesson plans for foreign language learners, and it teaches you the fundamentals of spoken English language.

Improving your resume

Having a TEFL certification is important to be able to teach in foreign schools. If you have a TEFL certification mentioned on your certificate—you will be hired instantly.

Earn a substantial salary

English teachers with a TEFL certification are more likely to secure a job that pays them well. It also offers them with the opportunity for higher remuneration and bonuses.


If you are considering enrolling in a TEFL course, you can register in an online TEFL course. It is an easy and convenient way to obtain TEFL certification at your own pace and in the comfort of your favorite surroundings. You can learn the fundamentals according to flexible hours, and you can start with the training session at any time.

AEC Education & Training offers a comprehensive training course and services online that you can navigate to earn your qualifications.