Teach English in the giant country-continent

Apr 28, 2021

That name got you surprised, huh? Me too. Just that, what do you call a country that is bigger than a continent? I could think of nothing better, forgive me. If you intend to teach English language in Russia, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Not only is the country so vast that it stretches across three continents, the tourist attractions contained within the country are equally numerous.

Teaching English in Russia is an opportunity of a lifetime and here are the very reasons why you should seize such an opportunity and utilize it:

Get away from the pack, be what everyone is searching for: The number one murmur on the lips of expatriates going to Russia is lack of employment opportunities. That may be true to some certain extent. The country’s visa too is not so easy to get by; you must have something that is in demand. One of such things is the ability to teach English. Once you are going to Russia as an English teacher, you have successfully distinguished yourself from the rest of the pack. That is definitely an advantage.

A degree is not a necessity: In a world where you can barely do anything without a college degree, knowing that you can teach in a country like Russia without a college degree is so much bliss. A college degree can come in as added credentials for you, but if you don’t have it, you are good to go. That is why programs like the TEFL will remain relevant to teaching English in foreign countries. No college degree, no problems; you can still teach in Russia.

You get legal frame work and a working visa: Unlike several other European countries where you have to stay in the shadows as an immigrant expatriate. Russia allows you access to all that is in the country, your institute will provide you with a working visa. You can therefore move through the country and explore.

Competitive pay: The Russian economy is upwardly mobile and the citizens can afford to spare a number of expenses. Living large is the Russian normal and paying a good teacher is the right thing to do. That means that you will enjoy a competitive pay scale in Russia, sounds like good news.

Immerse yourself in a global culture: The Russian culture is one that is best experienced rather than being told. While teaching in Russia, you should visit tourist attractions to get immersed in the life and tradition of the people. The red square is an attraction that everyone wants to enjoy. Aside this, there are a lot of other attractions scattered all over the vast country. As an epicenter of world history, traversing the magnanimous country is the only way to get a feel of it.

Teach English and do so much more while in Russia. The country remains one of the best destination for teachers of the English language. Is Russia beckoning on you?