Why you should teach English in the Persian Gulf states

Apr 27, 2021

It is no secret that the English language is a very powerful language. The vast majority of the world speak the language and as such anyone who intends to stay in touch with global opportunities always want to learn. While the economy of the middle eastern bloc seems to be on the rise in the last decade, the region is opening up for business. As a result, the power of English is coming to play yet again. Why should you take a teaching job in the Persian Gulf states?

Comfortable pay

The Persian Gulf states may have problems with a lot of things but money isn’t one of it. There is a whole lot of cash to throw around and by the time you are done converting, you will find it very profitable. English teachers are well paid in the Persian Gulf states because the economy is blossoming and the locals understand the value of the English language.

See interesting places

The comfortable pay a foreign English teacher earns in the Persian Gulf region will transform into a mind blowing opportunity for tourism. There are a lot of places to visit and your pay will definitely give the relative luxury of tourism to you. From the plains of Israel to the pyramids of Egypt, you can visit all of the sites you used to see in the movies. All of that just because you are an English teacher.

Fantastic culture to learn from

Except in the most stringent of cases, the culture of the Persian Gulf state is one that teachers will find interesting. The language is also easy to pick up for the curious; that should be one of the many qualities of a teacher too. In short, as an English teacher, you are poised to have the best of time teaching English in the Persian Gulf states. The opportunity of learning a new language is also one that can bolster your resume and can open new doors of opportunities for you.

Friendly locals

A lot of these Persian Gulf states are filled with awesome locals that are not only welcoming but also very hospitable. This will give teachers of English people to relate with and learn from in the early weeks of arriving. That way, you can pick the language and culture quite easily. Nothing compares to having good neighbors and in the Persian Gulf region, you will get a lot of that.

By the time you factor in other benefits like trip allowances and the comfortable lifestyle you will be able to lead. Teaching English in the Persian Gulf area is definitely a dream come true for a lot of teachers. Gone are the days when you don’t become a teacher for the money. You can teach, impact lives and get paid handsomely for it. That’s the TEFL way, what are you waiting for? Enrol in the TEFL online class today and bolster your resume to teach English abroad.