Pick up a global language while teaching another

Apr 27, 2021

China is one of the most populous nations on the planet today. Unlike others with a high population ratio, China is leveraging massively on its population. The country’s economy is growing at an astonishing rate, thanks to its inventions.

This is one of the few reasons why the country language has started gaining acclaim round the world. Several business executives all over the world are having their children learn mandarin Chinese. Adjudged to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, it holds the promise of becoming a major force in the world of business very soon.

Until that happens, the Chinese are stuck with learning English; the language of the free world. As an English teacher looking to teach English in China, you are at no disadvantage. Here are the top reasons why China is an ideal oversea country to teach English:

Handsome pay: The Chinese represents one of the nations with the highest disposable income. There is so much money flying around and they can afford to part away with a lot of it. Private schools in China can afford a decent pay for a solid English teacher. That is a whole lot of money for you.

Learn a language while teaching one: Mandarin Chinese is hard to learn no doubt, but can it be so hard if you are immersed in it? I doubt that. By the time you spend a few months in China, you would have learnt the nitty gritty of mandarin Chinese. That way, you will be equipped for the future. Is there a better way to invest in oneself?

Explore while teaching: If you are really intent on learning the language, there is no better way to do it than to explore. There are a number of places you can visit when teaching in China. These visits will expose you to the culture of the Chinese alongside other things. Here are the tourist attractions that you should visit while teaching in China:

Hongcun ancient village

The site is over 900 years old and the tranquil environment and distinctive architecture is just what you need to calm your nerves and bring back your positive vibe. The Haugsan mountain is just in the backdrop and you will have a wonderful evening exploring this quiet village.


Famed for its natural scenery, it is an important part of the city of Tibet. It is also the most elevated place in the world at a height of 11,500 feet. The peculiar culture that the town holds stems from the fact that the Dalia Lama first lived there. His palace and summer home are still very much on display in the town. He was in the town until his exile.

China is a bustling nation with a lot of opportunities for the taking. Although, the ways of imparting knowledge might differ slightly. You will find teaching English in China a challenging and a fulfilling task. Not to mention the financial rewards.