Explore the corners of the southern hemisphere while teaching English

Apr 27, 2021

The assumption is made by many people that Asia and the middle east represents the most ideal destinations for English teachers. That is not entirely true, there are a lot of other countries that needs English teachers too. English is fast advancing and every nation on the earth wants to understand the language as much as possible.

Chile is not left out of the anglophile race too. This corner of the southern hemisphere has a special attraction for English teachers. It is a pity that only a few English teachers know that they are needed in this Latin American country.

Here is why you should teach English in Chile:

Safety: A lot of people worry about having anything to do in Latin America, the crime rate is surging. They have good reasons to be afraid, the violence of Latin America is pretty serious. There is an exception to the rule though, Chile is that exception. Of all the Latin American countries, Chile remains the safest. That means that you don’t have to look over your shoulders at every move you make.

Stability and good pay: The Chile economy is very stable and for you that means very good pay. The average English teacher’s pay in Chile is attractive and comfortable. That way, you will be able to travel and explore the corners of the southern hemisphere country. If money is your motivation for teaching English in Chile, you will definitely make lots of it.

Attraction for the language: If you are in Chile because of your passion for the English language, you will find the environment electrifying. This is because a lot of people are attracted to the English language and are interested in adding it to their skill. That way, you will have a lot of people who are interested in what you do. In other countries, teaching English is usually a contract job of a year or less, while teaching English in Chile, English teachers can stay much longer. This is due in part to the disposition of the people and the government to the English language.

Explore new places: If you have dreamt of visiting new places, taking an English teaching job in Chile may be the answer to the dream. The comfortable salary you will get as an English teacher in Chile will pave way for you to visit a lot of places within the country. From the San Pedro de Atacama where you can take hot baths in the geyser to the Chile capital.

Learn Spanish: If you are looking at adding Spanish to the list of language you understand, Chile is the go-to place for you. As the country’s official language, everyone in the nation speaks and understand Spanish. It is definitely a good practice ground.

There are paths to become an English teaching expatriate in Chile, the TEFL certified course is what you need. Our practical range of courses will prepare you to teach English on the big stage.