Discover the colourful Seoul while teaching English

Apr 27, 2021

South Korea represents one of the fast rising economies, not only in Asia but in the world as a whole. It is no wonder then that they are always on the look-out for teachers of the English language. There are several programs that will prepare you for an English-teaching experience in south Korea.

Like its neighbor, South Korea is a largely homogenous country and any new teacher going into the country may have a brief spell of tough time gaining acceptance and picking up the language. Beyond that, the country is a very beautiful place and you will settle in really fast.

While teaching English at a school in Seoul, the South Korea capital, there is the added luxury of visiting a number of tourist attraction. The premium the nation places on English as a language is evident in the huge amount they pay the foreign English teachers. You do not need to worry about you will be able to finance your tourism spree while in South Korea. Your salary is enough to give you the good things of life including vacationing at the best of sites around the country.

If you ever happen to teach in the lovely country called South Korea, here are the tourist sites you should consider visiting: 

Gyeongbokgung palace

Literally meaning a place where the new king can enjoy prosperity of great blessings. The palace used to be the official residence of the royal dynasty during the Joseon dynasty. The palace is still a stunning beauty today, featuring a host of restored building.  The palace ceremony also features a change of guard; you should time your visit to coincide with this awesome ceremony. The palace is such a great site in the foray to understanding the south Korean culture and tradition. You should take one of your students along in order to blend into the crowd. Much more, you can communicate seamlessly since the student can interpret complex words and phrases to you.

The man-made island of Namiseom

Namiseon is a man-made island formed from the creation of the Cheongpyeoung dam. The island is rather small, having been previously only a hilltop. This gives visitors the unique opportunity of completing a tour of the island in only half a day. The island is notable for its unique landscaping amidst its effort to recycle items while preserving nature. The island can also be a classroom for the curious mind. If you are interested in learning the various types of trees in the Korean language, the island is your perfect start.

Teaching English in South Korea can bring with a thrill of adrenaline that you will not feel anywhere else. That is exactly why you should take the TEFL virtual course to earn the certification that will enable you qualify to teach English as a foreign language.

You can teach English and enjoy your life in a stress free environment. The answer is beckoning to you today, TEFL is the answer.