Why you should teach English online

Apr 22, 2021

Anyone who have had to travel to teach the English language will testify to the fun and enjoyment that is on par with teaching the language. That is when you have not factored in the fact that you are empowering some people for a brighter future. For a teacher, there is no better reason than this.

The downside is that as an English teacher in a foreign country, there is a limit to the impact you can make. That’s why virtual English teaching came in and it has been making its mark ever since. Here are the top reasons why you should teach English virtually:

You are your own boss

It doesn’t matter how you want to look at teaching English virtually, you are your own boss. Even when you decide to work for a company, you still own your time and you can do whatever you like with it. When you are teaching English physically, the reverse is the case. Even with an agency, you pick your period and the moments you will be unavailable. This fact alone is enough to make a lot of people prefer virtual teaching over physical teaching.

There is no confinement of physical teaching

When you are teaching English, especially as a foreign teacher, you are faced with a number of confinement. For example, you may have to wake up early every day to make it to work in time. With virtual teaching, there is no need to wake up ahead of time. Since you fixed your schedule, you are in charge of when you want to teach and when you do not want to.

You can impact more than you would do physically

When you are teaching the English physically, you are limited to only one school. With virtual English language classes, you can teach students from different countries, localities and school. That will enable your impact to be felt on a much larger scale. If that is what gives you joy as a teacher, then virtual teaching is for you. Some programs allow you to teach classes of various schools virtually, can you ask for anything better?

There is motivation at both ends

A lot of virtual programs are not cheap, it is usually expensive and as such the cost drives a level of motivation. Unlike physical classes where the cost of employing a foreign English teacher is often subsidized by the government.  The pricing of these virtual classes breeds students who are apt to ask questions and get value for their money. Interest in the English language will definitely thrill the teacher and spur teachers to give more.

You can teach from anywhere

Even if you have a paid job, you can still take up virtual English teaching jobs. Since you can teach from anywhere or just about anywhere, you can still take your classes. With this type of flexibility, who says no to teaching English virtually.

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