Who says an English teacher cannot do other things?

Apr 22, 2021

A teacher is supposed to teach, basically right? Can an English teacher do other things asides teaching even while teaching English in a foreign country? Of course, an English teacher can do a whole lot of other things simply because of the certificated education that qualifies every teacher to teach outside their countries. So, what exactly can a teacher do aside from teaching? Or more appropriately, what can you do as an English teacher in a foreign country?

Here are a few things that you could do while teaching English in a foreign country:


If you are abroad, one of the things you could dabble into is blogging. Writing about the place, the people you meet and the things you miss about home is sure to garner quite an audience. Beyond your audience, it can also be a way of escape for you. When you are yet to meet new people, you can always blog to keep your writing skills top-notch. As a teacher, you will definitely need those skills when the time is right. Several teachers who teach English abroad have thriving blogs that have gathered several readers, you can definitely do the same.                      


This is not necessarily drone-flying photography, in fact, it might just be with your mobile phone. Photography helps you to document memories and also explore your creative side. These documented images can go alongside your blog or be printed for safekeeping, pictures are very valuable store of memories and you should definitely invest in them. As a teacher, you would want to have pictures of the class trips your class went on and other fun things. This will help you in your self-assessment; photography can then help you reach critical self-evaluation.

Freelance translator

Already getting fluent in the local language? You might just be able to take on translation of texts and all. This allows you to do a lot of good in the world and you can even make quite a fortune off it. Depending on the country, translation can be a very wonderful venture for you. Translation is also a very good way to dig into the substance of the local language and get you more interested in it. If you intend to become a polyglot, you are already on the way to fulfilling your dream.  

Museum/tour guide

If there is a big museum around your city, the museum or tour site will usually always need the services of an English speaker. Who fills that shoes best than an English speaker? You can always volunteer and give your services to the museum or the tour site. With a lot of tour site or museums that sees an influx of different nationals, English would be the most convenient language to get across to everyone.  


You can make videos of interesting locations you have travelled to and post online. Vlogging is interesting and it is equally a great store of memory, just get out there and do it.

You can pick any of these hobbies and get on with it, an English teacher can be so much more.