The English prenuer- teaching English on your own terms

Apr 22, 2021

There are a lot of people who love to run things on their own terms. They hate having to work for others and answering to overlords, they would rather forge out a path for themselves. For a number of years, people have believed that such people should be entrepreneurs and not take a paid employment.

There are a lot of twists and potholes on the way of that argument though. What if the person already had a degree in English language and does not love the world of business? Or does that imply that there is no means to become an entrepreneur while teaching English language?

Contrary to popular opinion, you can be an entrepreneur as an English teacher. They are the set I refer to as English-prenuers. Before it starts sounding strange, it is only a result of the clipping and blending of the word English and Entrepreneur. An English-preneur is a person who works for his or herself by teaching English virtually. 

What do you need to get started?

That’s a very important question. The pathway to become an English-prenuer is one that a lot of people have dabbled into out of guesswork. This has led to failure of many entrepreneurs who want to teach English online. What do you need to get started as an English-prenuer:

A smart device

As an English-prenuer, your smart device is your office. Throughout your virtual teaching journey your smart device will remain an indivisible part of you. It will be your tool and workspace. Of course, you will need much more than your smart device; you will need a very fast and reliable internet connection as well. If you took your TEFL course virtually, you will already have an edge as to how it works.


As highlighted above, you will need more than a smart device to become an English-prenuer. If all that is needed to become an English-prenuer is just a smart device, half of the world would be English-prenuers already. You must be dogged enough to find your customers; remember you are not working for a company. That implies that you look for your own clients and you fix your own schedule. This is where your doggedness comes in. You must learn to market your services and fix how to get it delivered.

Know your platform

As an English-prenuer, you must know the platforms that works best for you. That way you will be able to give your clients the best of services and grow your brand. As a rule of thumb, video conferencing apps like skype works best for teaching English virtually. While you might have a bit of communication elsewhere, the best option remains real time video conferencing.

As the internet gets bigger and better, more chances will be available to the English-prenuer. The huge companies and brands in the world of virtual English teaching today started from scratch too. You can be the best there is at virtual teaching.