The companies that allow you teach English from your comfort zone

Apr 22, 2021

Teaching English has evolved over the past few years, the advent of the internet has also added flair to the way English can be taught to people. Today, beyond the boundaries and limitations of the four walls of a classroom, you can teach English. 

The internet has made the world a true global village and the world has come to interact with the elements within it in a greater capacity. Never before has the world been so connected and interconnected. Of course, this has affected our orientation of language, much more, it has affected how we teach the language too.

As a TEFL course member or a graduate of the TEFL academy, you should be versed with the world of virtual teaching. The course that made you a graduate is most likely taught virtually. There are also some companies that allows you to utilize their own massive network to teach English online.

As the TEFL is not just about having your certificate, the body is also particular about what you do with it. Here are a few companies that you could work with as you teach English virtually:

Teach Away

Teach away is a virtual network that hires native English speaking teachers to teach their online students. The company usually employs applicants with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and an international approved certificate like the TEFL. All you have to do is sign up for the membership of the site and you will be paired to your student. It doesn’t matter what you do; a part time teacher, a retired teacher, a full time teacher with a little time to spare. Teach away allows you to teach with a level of flexibility. At a stage, you may be required to fix a period of time.


If you are looking for real flexibility and you may change your availability from week to week, then VIPKID is the company for you. Not only can clients and students book classes ahead, thus allowing you to fix into your schedule, the pay is also reasonable. Although the regulations are strict for cancellation of classes, there are also incentives for completing classes and staying on course.


China is arguably the country with the highest potential for English teachers. The potential lies in physical teaching as much as it does with virtual teaching. DaDa caters to a number of the virtual teaching need. Thus, the company employs native speakers of the English language with at least a bachelor’s degree to teach students in China. All you have to do is ace your interview and select your period of availability every week. The company will assign students to you; the pay is also good.

Instead of having to worry about your clients and how to get them, working with these companies and several other similar companies will make you focused. Since your clients are available, your worries will instead be about imparting knowledge.