The class a world away and their virtual teacher

Apr 22, 2021

The internet is the biggest network of personal computers all around the world. As such, the internet is the go to place for a lot of educational activities. A lot of schools are falling back on the internet as an alternative to hiring English teachers. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

With a lot of countries looking to curb emigration rate, it shouldn’t come in as such a surprise. The internet and the world of virtual reality offers the feeling of being there while being miles away. Another reason why virtual teaching seems to be on the rise particularly in schools is the vast difference between demand and supply. That assertion may be economics in its basis, but it applies to English teachers.

There are a lot of foreign schools looking to hire English teachers, there are only so much teachers to go around. How do you balance it up? At least, everyone has a right to learn English right? That is exactly where virtual English teaching comes in. 

Virtual teaching has a few advantages over In-person teaching, it has quite a few disadvantages as well. Including:


When a school takes on a virtual teacher, it is bound to be more flexible than in-person teaching. Especially in countries looking to cut down figures of emigrants or nations where travel processing is rife with a lot of red tapes. As a rule of thumb, it is better to have virtual teachers than in-house teachers. This works best on both side; the school as well as the teachers.

Lower cost

As a school, employing a virtual teacher can come with lower cost. From the extra allowances that you should have paid teachers to the other stringent cost. For the teacher, teaching virtually can also be very rewarding. You are free to do as many things as possible while you also keep up with your virtual classes. The fact that you can also teach physically as well as virtually at different locations means a lot.  Would you ask for anything better as a teacher?


Who also groans when he remembers that he has a class to teach tomorrow. Your thought trails from what to wear and how to carry yourself. With a virtual class, you can teach from wherever you are, whenever you are. The comfort is just that perk that you can’t give away. You can teach your class right from your kitchen. All you need is your connection and webcam and you are good to go.


The virtual class may not be as predictable as a normal on-site teacher. There may also be times in which virtual teachers may miss classes due to circumstances beyond their control. As a teacher, you will be unable to enjoy the culture of the students you teach. That may also cause some issues.

In all, virtual teaching is the new way to go. As a teacher, you should be a part of the move.