Teaching English in the United States

Apr 22, 2021

The headline teach English in the United States should have come as a surprise to many, maybe yes. This is because the United States itself is an English-speaking country and as such, it is expected that the space to take teachers will be very limited. All of these assertions are true and very correct; however, you have not considered that there are people in the United States who are non-native English speakers. 

Another angle to view things from is the area of educational institute within the country. The several schools within the country will definitely need English teachers and that is where the gap exists where you can come in. As a certified TEFL teacher, you can teach English anywhere in the world and that includes the United States of America. There are only requirements that you would need to consider before you can decide to teach English in the United States. There are also several reasons why you want to teach English in the United States:

Entry requirement

Expect that while you are interviewing for a position as an English teacher in a United States, there are several others vying for the same position. To place yourself at a very good advantage, you should have a bachelors degree in English or Education and English. You should also be certified by the TEFL and it helps if you have a few years of experience up your sleeves. It also helps if you are a natural speaker of the English language

Fantastic salary

With several schools in the United States that can afford to spend the cash, the salary of the average English is good. With a $18 – $25 per hour, the English teacher can make a comfortable fortune while teaching in the United States. With this salary range however, your tax profile will also rise.

Add-on and perks

If you interviewed for your job before leaving your county, several schools can help you through the process of visa application and this will ease the bureaucracy and red tapes involved in the process. While some schools might not weigh in on the process, a lot of schools will do.  Asides this, you can easily move up the ladder in the United States schooling system. If you are ready to subject yourself to the learning that comes alongside, it would only be a period of time before you leave an elementary school and go on to teach English in High school and then on to a university.

Historical feel  

The United States is a very advanced nation and as an English teacher in the states, you stand the chance of immersing yourself in the history of the fantastic nation. Taking a trip to several of the several places of interest within the nation. While the list is very long, you can start from somewhere within the confines of your budget and then go on to see other places when you eventually get the chance.

Teaching English in the United states is a very lucrative venture. Get certified and see the world while teaching English.