Teaching English in Nepal

Apr 22, 2021

While English teaching in Nepal may not be as lucrative as its relative Asian counterparts, there is something in the lush country for everyone. Boasting the tallest mountain on the planet, Nepal is the nation of solitude and monks. Teaching English in Nepal is usually a mix of adventure, giving back and nature exploration for a lot of English teachers.

Before you pack your bag and buy a one way ticket to Nepal, there are a few things you should know about teaching English in the conservative country:

Beautiful scenery

If there is anything that will first draw you to Nepal, it is the picturesque, rustic nature of the place. Shut off from the rest of the world until 1960, the country is a pure beauty to behold. The beauty you will see on calendars or diaries might be breath taking shots taken off Mount Everest, but the real beauty of Nepal remain its warm and friendly people. As a teacher in Nepal, you will be warmly received and catered for.   

Conservative nature

The Nepalese are highly conservative, this can be excused by the fact that they have been all by themselves for so long. You will also easily excuse this because they try their best to be hospitable to new comers and treat them with regard. However, the conservative nature of the country can be noticed in the acceptable style, the manner of eating and indeed the culture generally. Anyone willing to experience an alternative culture from the western ‘whatever rock your boat’ style can always enjoy Nepal.

Basic salaries

The country is not one that is very buoyant economic wise, as such schools and other institutions will usually offer basic salaries with no allowances. In fact, it takes a motivated teacher to stand the salaries handed down to teachers of English language in the country. The English teachers who get paid the most are those who work with Charity organizations that are based in the west earn above average salaries.

Low cost of living

One of the things the Asian country has going for it is the low cost of living in the country. Even with the salaries that are below par, you can enjoy the best of Nepal while you teach English in the country.

Prepare for the unusual

You would think that only schools need English teachers, or probably private families. In Nepal, do not be surprised if you have to teach English to Monks. Yes, you read that right, monks. There are a lot of monasteries in Nepal and some of these monasteries hire the services of a certified English teacher. 

Explore the mountains   

Do not take a trip to Nepal without exploring the mountains. Nepal is home to not just the tallest mountains in the world but to a staggering eight. You should not return from a trip to Nepal without ascending a few of those mountains. You will find the freedom that comes with adventure, even when teaching your best language.