Teaching English for special needs and tasks abroad

Apr 22, 2021

When a lot of people hear about teaching English abroad, everything that comes to their mind is teaching in classrooms of schools. However, there is more to teaching than just that; teaching English need not be within the four walls of a classroom. What if you could teach English for special needs and tasks in foreign countries?

There are a couple of ways you can deploy your English speaking and teaching skills outside of the classrooms in foreign countries:

Teaching the law enforcement  

Very often, there are major events around the world that garners popularity amidst English speakers and non-English speakers as well. Events like the World cup, the Olympic games and other landmark events that would see people from all walks of life come into a particular country might be very tricky. Most countries will usually invite English speakers to train their law enforcement officers the proper usage of the English language.

Teaching businessmen

Getting to sign contracts and deals in businesses comes with an understanding of the language. For a lot of business people, it is about getting to understand a bit of the language and grasping the culture. As a proficient English teacher, you can ensure that this happens. In this situation, you will be required to make your ‘student’ understand as much of the language as possible in the shortest possible time.

Becoming a special needs teacher might not tow the traditional pathway of a normal English teacher, although there are a lot of commonality. Of course, before you can pack up your suitcase to go into a foreign country and teach English you must be certified. To teach English for special needs, there are other germane qualities:

A degree in adult education is a plus

Since all those you will be teaching are adults, having a degree in adult education is usually a plus. Unlike the traditional school setting where you get into class and expect your students to listen to you; you are the teacher anyways. Teaching English for special need doesn’t work like that, you must be mindful of several factors that may impede learning. A degree in adult education will prepare you for these set backs and you can handle them appropriately.


You must be highly gifted in the fine art of patience, else you will lose your cool when things are not going your way. There are days you will think that you are making progress, only to later find out that your ‘students’ are not even grasping the concept. You would wish you can hasten things up a bit, even if it is a little bit. With teaching English for special needs, you will be subjected to ridiculous deadlines and this will put you under enormous pressure.

Teaching English for special needs can be a rewarding prospect; with the use of technology, you might be able to get more satisfaction off your job in the least possible time. Pack your things and get ready for adventure!