Teach English while having fun in Guatemala

Apr 22, 2021

Teaching abroad can be a very ideal way to make money while having fun and seeing new locations around the world. While the income of English teachers around the world may vary from one place to another, it is usually comfortable in the least.

There are several countries where you can pick up your English teaching practice and Guatemala is one of those countries. While the salary is modest, the cost of living is also low, that evens the odds.  You will have the liberty to explore some fun location within Guatemala. In the same period of time, you will keep teaching English language and having all the fun you want.

Here is a list of things you can do while teaching English in Guatemala:

Visit the Mayan Market

Nowhere else in the world is the Mayan culture more vibrant than in the Chichicastenango market in Guatemala. The market is very popular and it is only about two hours’ drive from Antigua, the capital. If you are interested in learning the culture of the people; which you should be. Then you should visit the market. You can typically arrange for a roundtrip shuttle on Thursdays or if you are free during the weekends, you could arrange the trip for a Sunday.

Climb Acatenenango

While this very feat is not for the faint hearted, the mountain erupted in a volcano around June 2018. The eruptions killed everyone living in the village on the mountain slopes but it has since been opened to tourists. Not to let the volcano scare you, the mountain is now safe and you can try your best at scaling the outmost peak.

Learn Spanish

One of the perks of teaching English abroad lies in the fact that you can pick up other languages of international relevance. Spanish is one of such languages and as the official language of Guatemala, it is also more cost effective to learn Spanish in the country. Not only will the language allow you to communicate properly within the country, learning the language is also a plus for you.

Go for a Kayak ride on lake Atitlan

There are a few ways to enjoy the serene environment of Guatemala, one of it is by kayaking on the lake Atitlan. The lake is serene in itself but can get rough and choppy towards afternoon. You definitely want to maximize the morning and use it to kayak. You can then get light refreshment after. The surrounding is so picturesque, drinking it in alone can be so satisfying.

Climb the pyramids of Tikal

The ruins of Tikal is easily the most known tourist attraction in Guatemala, it is known for good reasons too. As a world heritage site, Star Wars fans can easily recognize the ruins. Arguably in good shape, you can enjoy the tour of the site.

With all the fun activities that you can take on in Guatemala, teaching in such a wonderful country can never be boring.