Teach English in Vietnam

Apr 22, 2021

There are a few places where teaching English is great, Vietnam is one of such cool places. Vietnam easily works for a lot of English teachers who are looking at enjoying the best of the environment while t amenities and breeding the next set of students for the exposure they need. The demand for English teachers in Vietnam have continued to sky rocket over the last decade with the need to expose students to standardized testing that is usually conducted with the English language.

Why should anyone book a one-way ticket to Vietnam?

The demand for English teachers

At least, if you would go anywhere, you should go to a place where you are needed, right? The demand for English teachers is great and that is exactly why a lot of teachers’ flock to the country. The government believes that with the ability to speak English, the country can attract more tourists, businesses and subsequently, development. There are a lot of institutions in the country that are desperate to get their hands on a foreign English teacher. This is good news for certificated teachers who are hoping to teach to teach in Vietnam.

Minimum entry requirement

Since the demand for teachers is on the high side, several institutions will waive additional qualifications. Once you have a bachelors degree and a TEFL certification, you are good to go. There are a few schools that have maintained a strict standard as regard the English teachers they hire. However, most schools do not seem to care and this is not so good. This means that a teacher with even no experience can be lucky enough to get a teaching job in Vietnam. 

Impressive salary

It is also important to say that most schools in Vietnam will offer an impressive salary. With a salary range of between $16 to $26 per hour, the salary is competitive and although the salary varies from one location to another, it is usually great. Small towns and suburbs pay lesser but are willing to offer accommodation.  Teachers can work as long as 40 hours a week and can make a decent pile while at it. Even if you decide to become a strictly home tutor, the pay ranges but it is still sustainable.   

Perks and additions

Asides the basic salary, a lot of schools are willing to offer perks and other additions like accommodation and transport allowances. Some schools go ahead to provide accommodation for teachers but it is usually miss or hit. Your apartment might be good and sometimes it might be crappy. Some schools are willing to invite you over to work for them, this eases your visa application process.

Low cost of living

Whether you decide to live in the school allotted apartment or not, the cost of living in Vietnam is generally low and you will have a good time while living in the country. A lot of teachers who go to Vietnam with the intention of staying for a few years eventually spend much longer.