Little steps, set yourself up for an international job teaching English

Apr 22, 2021

The subject of teaching English abroad can be a very overwhelming topic for a lot of people. The whole issue seems to be so complicated that they don’t even know where to start from. This guide is for people who are in that bracket, the people who seems to have a lot of mental inertia when it comes to deciding on where to teach abroad or even if to teach abroad at all.  

In the simple steps outlined below, you can set yourself up for an international job teaching English. Ready to go?


In this information age, information is at everyone’s fingertips. This is where exactly to start your little steps into landing an international job teaching English. You should research what your dream country requires before you can teach English there. This is basic and should be the first step you should be taking. This will guide you into other major decisions you will be making as regard your dream of teaching English in a foreign country.

Pick a certification class

While requirement varies from country to country, most country will take a TEFL certification as a proof that you can teach English in their institution. Your research would have also revealed to you countries that would be best fitted to your qualifications; some countries might even allow you teach English while still undertaking your own Certification classes. What matters is the requirement, ensure you know it and that you abide by it. If your ideal location has a TEFL center close by, you could get certified while acclimatizing.

Explore options and start planning

You can decide to take an online class from anywhere and the world, your certificate is still valid across the globe. If at this point, you have no concrete plan as to where your ideal destination would be or where exactly you would love to teach English, the time to choose is now. This will you put you in good stead as to how you want to plan. If you start planning early, you would get straight to networking and in no time you will have your first offer. Once that is In place, you can then take one of the last few steps.

Snatch it up

The importance of exploring options cannot be overemphasized, this is because a lot of interviews with foreign schools can take up to a few months. That is why you have to be ready for it even months before you finally pack your bags and jet out of the country. Once you have got the job, begin to plan your move. Give out your excess stuff or sell them, if the school you will be teaching at overseas doesn’t offer you accommodation, you can book a hostel to stay in for the mean time.

Jet out

The final stage in a series of little steps that would set you up for the dream job. Just jet out and make the most of your adventure.