Interrupt the class; a guide for English teachers in foreign countries

Apr 22, 2021

Teaching English abroad is hard job, it is one that must be taken seriously and with all passion. If this is not the case, the probability of frustration and on-the-job burnout is very high. The pressure is very high in several countries where teachers are usually given limited time to brush students up and bring them to speed in preparing for a competitive exam. 

Finding yourself in this kind of situation is hard enough, what if your students don’t understand what you are teaching? It is hard enough that you are under pressure as it were, when you couple it with the fact that the students you are trying to prepare are not making things light, it is sure to get depressing.

If you are ever in that kind of situation, you are naturally tempted to keep at it; to keep badgering the students with the information until they get it and you would at least be vindicated that you did your own part. However, deep down, you know its more than that. Once your students seem confused, you owe them an explanation. Here is how to disrupt the class as an English teacher in a foreign country.

Survey the class

Take a deep look at the class, often times, in a bid to fulfil our own obligations as teachers we are quick to forget that we are teaching other humans too. Look at that room and you will observe that you are not the only one under pressure, the students are under pressure too. Especially if you are teaching in Oriental Asia where competition is stiff and a lot of parent want their wards to write qualification exams so they can school in the west. If you notice that the students are stressed, you can then take the next step.

Take a break

Once you notice that it is the stress that is getting in the way of your students understanding what you are trying to teach, you can take a break. While you should use your initiative while deciding on the length of the break, you should ensure that it is enough time for the students to get themselves together. If you find out that after the break, they can get still get the concept. You might need to change your approach.

Bring in the toys

One of the ways to disrupt the class is to bring in a few relatable effects. You are trying to teach word formation and they are not getting the drill? Why not bring In a game of scrabble? That way, they can learn while playing a very educative game. Preparing them for a foreign culture and accent? They can take a virtual tour of New York or The white house, this prepares them in an interactive way and that reduces the pressure on everyone.

Don’t allow the pressure get to you, disrupt your class and ensure that they learn using ingenious means.