Internet, language and the line in between

Apr 22, 2021

Since inception, the internet has rapidly changed the way we live and do things as humans. Not only in terms of how we share information but in diverse areas, include the revolution of language and culture. The internet is a network of different computers sharing information with each other in diverse forms. How has that really got to do with language and how has it revolutionized language?

It is no myth that the internet has its own language; mysterious to a lot of people except programmers. Howbeit, it has waved its magic wand on several other languages. The growth and proliferation of the internet has led to an increase in the usage of some languages, promoted some and has allowed for easy facilitation of some languages.

Here is how the internet has contributed to the upward rise of the English language, amidst other languages:


Gone are the days when you have to go around with some mightily heavy books all because you might find it useful. The advent of the internet means most of the resources you need are digitalized. This has really influenced the rate and liberty with which language can be assimilated. The first magic of the internet is perhaps its biggest; the digitalization of resources then allows for increased interaction and better understanding of the language.

Increase in the use of English

English as a language has benefitted greatly from the wide acceptance of the internet. Perhaps, due in part to its origin, English seem to be the official language of the internet. This has gone on to affect a lot of discussions and activities that takes place on the internet. From business transactions to entertainment or information passing, English is the default language of the internet.  This has caused a shift in how the language is being perceived and have increased the need to learn it.

Social interaction

Social interaction is the bridge upon which language can be comprehended fully. The internet is championing this cause in a brand new way. The social media is a very interactive means and people can easily interact and learn the rudiments of the language at their own pace.

Increased learning

The internet is not just a platter of appetizing food that refuses to get served. The internet actually delivers on its promises. The internet has done a lot in facilitating learning. All over the internet, there are sites and pages where you can go to in a bid to learn about the English language. You can even take online classes and get certificates in a bid to shore up your qualifications.

These virtual classes represent the line in-between language and the internet; it represents the very spot in which the Venn diagram of the internet and language intersect. The internet also represents one of the best things that have happened to language in the last few decades. Going forward, we must leverage on the internet to ensure that the language goes on the increase.