Increase your income stream while teaching Abroad

Apr 22, 2021

Teaching English overseas has its own pros and cons, from having to bother about learning the new language, at least a bit to settling down and adapting. The biggest concern of all is perhaps money, this can even become more pronounced if your salary is not very lucrative. Thinking about expenses from rent to groceries and weekend adventures in a bid to know the new country might cause a little bit of depression and this is where side income comes in.

Having the opportunity to earn a side income can make a whole world of difference and make you live a more adventurous life. Imagine having enough cash for all of those weekend getaways you have always dreamt of, the kind of reaction you would bring to class the following week would be different too.

Here are a few ways you could make money while teaching in a foreign country:

Private lesson and tutoring

The most common way for most English teachers to augment their salaries while teaching in foreign countries is by becoming private lesson teachers and tutors. This basically for teachers is an extension of what they do in class, the only difference is that they have to do it elsewhere other than the class room. As a very efficient English teacher, it will not be unlikely that several parents wants you to take their wards privately and teach them some more.   

Remote working

In the digital age we have found ourselves, anyone can do anything from anywhere. Just because you are teaching English in the Amazon area of Brazil or a lush suburb in Nepal doesn’t mean you can’t do remote work for a company in the UK or US. The good part is that you get paid higher and the only requirement is usually your laptop and the internet. Make your skills earn you cool money via freelancing sites.

Traditional jobs

Depending on the work rules of the country you are in, you should be able to secure a traditional job that does not clash with the time of your primary occupation. Either as a part-time columnist in an English newspaper or a night shift cashier at the local dispensary, businesses are usually on the look out for people who can speak English and they can waive some requirement based on that.

Grading Standardized tests 

 Have you ever wondered about those who mark the standardized tests that take place all over the world? The answer is simple and straightforward, teachers like you. To join the league of teachers who grade standardized test, all you need to do Is to get the right information. Several testing centers will usually hire tutors over the internet. Grading the tests does not in any way affect your productivity, usually the organizations pay per question paper marked.

Who says no to a few wads of extra cash? At least not anyone in their right senses. With these few ways of making extra income while teaching English, you can mix business with pleasure.