Across borders; the new teachers not impeded by nationality

Apr 22, 2021

Teaching English until recent times was not seen as a lucrative job. However, recent development has shown that the teaching of English can be financially rewarding as well. A new set of the language teachers are arising and they are not impeded by the barrier of border. From the tropical forests of Africa to the mild areas of Asia, there are teachers from diverse nations of the world teaching English in different schools today. 

These new set of teachers are bold and knowledgeable, true. It does not mean that they are way better than everyone else. They have only learnt how to convert their passion into a money-making venture. You can do the same and travel the world while teaching English and making money from it.

How do you become one of these teachers who take joy in teaching English beyond their own borders in new nationals? Follow these simple steps and you will be right on track:

Be sure its your passion

Are you really passionate about teaching English or it’s just a fleeting hobby? You need to ask yourself that question and answer it as truthfully as possible. Settling the passion end is very important because the journey of a foreign English teacher is not usually all rosy; the pressure of coping with a new environment, the emotional rollercoaster that occurs when your students are not picking the language as fast as you would expect. All of these are enough reasons to get anyone discouraged, that’s where passion will keep you going.

Get certified

Teaching English abroad is not for everyone, one of the factors that distinguish the English teachers who can teach abroad from those who cannot is the level of certification. A bachelors degree in English or Education generally might be good enough if you intend to teach English within your country. If you intend to pursue a career teaching English outside of your country, you must be prepared to get certified. The TEFL certification program will allow you to teach English anywhere in the world. It is necessary that you get information about the TEFL program and apply as soon as you can to enable you live your dream.

Network and get professional references

Once you are well into your TEFL program, you would naturally be guided into the process of networking and getting of professional references. All of these will prove invaluable if you are looking to teach English abroad as soon as you are TEFL certified. If you want to get into the process quite fast, talking to fellow classmates and checking out some websites can give you a lead about where to teach once you get certified.

Go get them

Once you are certificated, you can go out to any nation of your choice and teach English. The certification course will take you through all you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language. You can then go out and get those jobs.