Technology to the rescue, English teaching is now fun

Apr 21, 2021

You would think teaching is a job that those who do it loathe; who wants to go into a dingy class and teach some set of students English anyways? If that is your definition of a teaching job, you definitely should be updated. Technology in recent times have changed a lot of things and education is not in any way left out.

Technology is helping to educate the next set of global citizens in a way that have been previously thought impossible, from virtual classes to incorporation of gaming into learning, here are a few ways that technology is redefining the way English is being taught:

Mobile learning

Mobile learning has becoming huge and better with a greater population of being connected to the internet. Today, a teacher can comfortably teach students in a country he has never been to via the power of mobile learning. Mobile learning is so effective and time-efficient that it has evolved into other areas of teaching. Teachers who are trained in the fine art of English teaching will find mobile learning an ally.


Who doesn’t love games? Everyone does and this is exactly what makes it a good stand point for learning. Games appeal to people of all age and culture, you can use this same avenue to teach English language. There are games that would encourage the use of English language and the speaking of the same. There are digital forms of chess, scrabble and other enhancing games that could be played. You can have your class take turns at playing some games and then you will discuss afterwards.

Storytelling and multimedia

Another fantastic way technology can come through for the English teacher is through the use of multimedia storytelling. Full length videos can be used to engage learners and expose them to new ways by which their English could be better. Teachers do not need to curate these videos themselves as there are free resources available on the internet.

Virtual reality excursions

Teaching in a non-English speaking country and your class can’t afford a trip to England or any other English-speaking country? You don’t have to be distraught; with technology today you can take a virtual learning experience. There are many options that you can explore on the internet. Younger school children can learn vocabulary and proper accent through virtual reality excursions. Students can absorb a whole lot while taking a trip.

Electronic books  

Books will always remain an excellent source of information, in fact, the best source of information. Today, books seem to be on the decline, however with digitized copy of books, reading can become more fun. E-books can be gotten online while some will have to be purchased; there is an inexhaustible well of digital information available on the internet today.

Wherever you teach, technology can help you in a lot of ways. As a teacher, it is best to align with technology and see the bountiful result it births.